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Need Storage?

Taking Care Of Your Moving & Storage Needs.

Our staff will help you with all aspects of your New York Storage, including move if need . Marcelo’s Movers can store your personal items, large and small, or office furniture and electronics at our climate-controlled storage facility until you are ready to move them.

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to store your personal belongings when you move. You might be staying in one place temporarily until your next space is ready, or maybe you’re going to school and need time to get the rest of your things from out of state.

Either way, you need a place to put some of your possessions while your new place becomes available. You might be tempted to just keep your things in your car or in a temporary storage unit, but don’t!

Storing your valued possessions unattended in plain sight of thieves is never a good idea. Fortunately, we offer storage services in New York so you can securely store your things and not have to worry about theft or bad weather.

Self Storage Facility

We Will Help You Maximize Storage Space & Minimize Cost

We want to be your go-to New York moving & Storage company which is why, as a locally-owned business, we offer personal touches not found elsewhere. Happy customers are repeat customers so we will do everything possible to ensure that you are delighted with our services.

When you are moving, the costs for storage units can add up. But, no worries. Our insightful staff will assist you to find the right size unit at the right price.

This can be tricky because the unit that seems like it would be perfect might not actually fit all of your items or might be too much space and end up costing you more than is necessary. Therefore, we will take into account a few key considerations to find the storage that is exactly right for you.

Precise measurement is crucial

Our movers will measure your items and do a mock-up of what they would look like in different sized units so that you clearly understand what fits where and how.

Assessing the ideal number of units

Together, we will discuss what items you need to store and determine how many units you will need, if you need more than one. This will help you determine how much space is truly necessary.

Comparing costs

We will take the time to explain about the dimensions of each unit size and compare prices to find the best deal for you.

The Problems With Using Portable Storage Units In New York

When you consider using portable storage units and containers, you probably think of the benefits. For instance, they are a convenient way to pack and store your belongings when you move.

That may be true, however, there are also a lot of problems with portable storage units, and they simply are not right for everybody. There are a few things to consider before you choose them as the solution to your moving needs.

For one thing, costs add up fast. Portable storage units can be as expensive as paying for full-service movers because of unexpected costs. Unexpected charges may include:

A storage unit full of boxes and plastic tubs
  • Fees for pickup and delivery of the unit
  • High insurance costs, especially in areas with a high rate of theft like major cities
  • Fuel or energy charges to heat and cool
  • Satellite tracking fees

Basically, there’s no guarantee that the price will include everything you need and you could find yourself having to pay for expensive “extras.” We eliminate these problems with comprehensive quotes for storage and moving that are competitive and all-inclusive.

Even if the cost seems reasonable, keep in mind that security may also be an issue. If you want to keep your possessions away from thieves, portable storage units might not be the best option. They’re usually stored in big yards with few security measures in place.

Some portable storage can be kept at your location in a parking lot or in your yard. But have you ever tried
to find enough space to set up a portable storage unit in NYC? It’s probably impossible.

Also, when you leave your belongings out of sight at a storage yard or other storage facility, your unit could be left unlocked, or it could even suffer damage from other customers.

We Are Your One-Stop Shop For Moving & Storage In New York.

Our storage facilities provide a clean, air conditioned/heated environment designed with the best possible safety measures in place. They are monitored around the clock with security installed at strategic locations to ensure the safety of your goods.

Marcelo’s Movers offers a wide variety of services and we make it easy for you to choose the ones that fit your needs. We have the right size trucks for any move, professional movers, and friendly team members who will be available to help you find the correct, affordable storage option for your needs. Get in touch with us for a FREE quote today!