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Fast, Efficient Loading & Unloading Services For NYC

Say goodbye to carrying boxes. Let the professionals at Marcelo’s Movers handle all of your moving needs, including all the loading, unloading and heavy lifting.

We’ve all done it. Load your car with all of your earthly possessions, drive to your new home, and unload everything on to the sidewalk, only to carry each box, box spring, and mattress up three flights of stairs by yourself. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Call A Reliable Moving Company

We provide loading and unloading services for any type of move, no matter if you only have a small apartment or a whole building full of office furniture.

We are a high-quality New York moving company, who provides the best service for our customers. Our skilled movers will know how to:

  • Load your valuable items properly to avoid damage
  • Navigate around tiny corners , elevator / tiny Stairs way in order to load/unload safely
  • Maneuver items around furniture and doorways safely

What makes us so special? We treat every move as if it was our own and will pack and unpack each item with the utmost of care.

Family with New Home

Don't Sweat Loading And Unloading

Everyone knows the last thing you want to do when you’re moving is load and unload furniture. It’s sweaty, back-breaking labor that is about as fun as moving boxes around in a warehouse.

Since everyone has a different method for moving furniture and some are ineffective or even downright dangerous, it’s best to not have to worry about that part. You don’t need to sweat over loading and unloading! Our professional team is here to help you solve common problems that may arise, like the ones listed below.

Young couple watching movers move boxes from the moving van

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

When you’re moving, it’s common to take on a few more responsibilities than you originally thought you would, like loading and unloading your own truck. What people don’t think about is that all of this extra work, plus the hectic logistics that go with it, can really take a toll on your back, shoulders, arms and hands.

If you’re carrying too much weight, it’s going to be hard for your muscles to keep up, especially if the distance between where you are standing and where the truck is parked is a long distance.

If those muscles are already weakening due to poor posture or previous injuries, they won’t be able to lift the proper amount of weight when it’s needed most, during an actual move. Our movers are physically fit to take on the job and literally take the weight off your shoulders.

Relax! We Offer Convenient Loading And Unloading Services

We are happy to answer all of your questions and will listen to you and plan a strategy before we start packing or unpacking your things. Effective communication translates into successful moves.

Avoid the risk of your belongings being destroyed or lost during a move and hire Marcelo’s Movers team for a seamless loading and unloading experience. Get in touch with us today to discuss your Loading needs.

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