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It is our goal to make your move as efficient and easy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to answer them!


As a moving company headquartered in New York City, we are frequently asked some common questions. Below, we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions and answers about our moving services. We hope you find it helpful. Feel free to contact us if you need additional information.

We offer local and long distance moving; packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and storage services.

Both. We provide moving services for people relocating to a new home, as well as relocations for commercial and industrial businesses.

We service all of New York and Surroundings and provide long-distance moves.

It is recommended that you schedule your move two to four weeks in advance to ensure that your desired date and time is available especially if you need to move at end of month.

The first thing that needs to happen is for us to do an on-location assessment. This will help us determine the weight, Cubic Feet of your shipment, how long it will take to load and unload the truck, and how many movers are needed to do the job , what sizes of truck is need.

In this modern day , we can do it over the phone ,via video call In most cases, Or someone from our helpful staff will be able to Schedule visit your home to do an walk thru and calculate your quote.

Yes, and all of our estimates are provided in writing and are guaranteed for 30 days.

Prices vary, depending on your circumstances. We offer quick, free quotes that include everything so you know how much you’ll be paying from day one.

All moves are based on Hourly rate or Cubic feet of your shipment, the distance you are traveling, and services provided.

A binding estimate is our written promise to you that the total price of your move will not change.

Most do, and sometimes they are called service fees or additional charges. However, we offer an all-inclusive quote and we will tell you about any additional charges beforehand.

Assuming we are all goof to go in terms of price an date , all we need is small deposit to get it in our schedule.

That depends. Sometimes we are available on short notice, so call us even if you think you aren’t providing enough time, and we will check the schedule and accommodate you if at all possible. Occasionally, we have cancellations which means we might be available.

But again , we do ask 2 to 4 weeks in Advance if possible

Full service movers can do everything for you including packing + Moving and unpacking. Local movers are helpful if you just need help with Moving your belongings from point A to point B. We do both.

We can provide you with a quote that includes everything, including supplies, or NOT supplies Include as some costumers have their own supplies.

Our experienced movers will assess the weight and size of your items and make recommend the right size truck.

Absolutely. You can get everything packed and we will load the truck, drive to your destination, and then unload the truck for you.

If you’re packing yourself, use high-quality materials such as sturdy boxes and packing tape. Label each box clearly with what it contains and where it should go in your new home. Also label boxes containing fragile items with FRAGILE, so we know to be extra careful with them.

To start off with, you should know how many rooms are in your home. Each room will require about five boxes of different sizes and shapes. Be sure to include one wardrobe box per closet. Plus, you will need a few extra boxes just in case you end up packing more than you thought you would.

If you don’t feel like packing, we will pack all of your items for you. Some people prefer this method since our trained movers know how to best fit all of your things into the right size box without risking damage en route.

Certain controlled substances and flammable, High Available such as jewelry, cash, items cannot be moved. Please call and make an inquiry so we can assess your specific situation.

You will be advised of the time of your move and approximately when the job will be finished. We will also inform you of anything you should to prepare for our arrival, for example, crating your dog or putting down salt on an icy sidewalk.

We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen. If you’re not ready, call us as soon as possible and let us know. We can reschedule your new moving date.

Tipping is an entirely personal decision. If you feel your movers did an excellent job, you may consider tipping anywhere between 15-25% the moving crew.

It is recommended that you are present or have someone representing you when the movers arrive. If you choose not to be present, please call the office with special instructions for the movers regarding where and how you would like them to place your furniture.