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Marcello’s movers is the Fastest Growing local moving service provider located in NYC. We are dedicated to our clients by offering great local moving services with a high level of professionalism and reliability. To us, moving is fun! We enjoy it and yes, we love moving things for you. It doesn’t matter if you are simply moving items from your room, apartment, office we’ve got you covered! What if they are heavy properties from your home or office to another location in NYC? Nothing to feel bothered about, we have all the vehicles and equipment to make moving as easy and seamless as ever.

If you are in search of a reliable, affordable and responsible moving company then you are certainly in the right place. Marcelo’s Movers ensure that you get a complete moving service which includes the packing and unpacking. You can rest assured that all your properties will be carefully handled, packed, delivered, and unpacked for you. We take pride in meeting the needs of our customers in providing top-notch local moving services.

We deeply understand how tasking and stressful it can be to move your properties within NYC, that’s why we are here to help. You can get Free Quote from us clicking here Even if all you need is loading and unloading while you use your time for what really matter for you. What about long-distance moving? We’ve got you covered! We Can make your out of state move less Painful and more affordable when comparing it with big players in the field ..

We are a client-oriented company with the goal of offering our moving customers the best quality services at a reasonable price. Marcelo’s Movers company has a full-time commitment to making sure that every customer gets satisfied with our services. Our team of experienced and highly skilled moving specialists is always available and cautious to take care of your properties properly. There have been instances of unethical behaviours that people have experienced with movers but never with our team. They are trained to treat every client with respect and have the ability to take care your items like ours .

We can help you pack your entire home or office and also unpack it wherever you want. However, you may want just a section of your home or office packed, we’ve got you covered. We’ll move it for you to any part of New York giving you the best moving experience you’ve ever had.

Marcelo’s Movers’ focus is to serve our customers the best way possible by meeting their custom needs with specialized services and attention. We provide services that have to do with piano moving, long-distance moving, antique restoration, loading and unloading, white glove moving, custom crating, packing and unpacking, and many more local moving services. Many of these services require specialty and professionalism which Marcelo’s Movers delivers on every moving service provided. We maintain the best practices and ethos when providing moving services to our esteemed customers.

Another great perk of working with us is that you don’t necessarily have to be there physically to watch over the loading and unloading. You can simply watch remotely, and all safety precautions will be followed so that you get exactly what you need. Are you thinking of moving to your new home or office or just any part of your property? Click here to get your FREE Quote Today! We will get the job done perfectly!

Our Services

Local Move

Fast and easy way without breaking your Back and your Packet professional movers that will take care your items like their own

Long Distance Move

We know how hard it is to move long distance ,But with us you get Affordable Rates , efficiency service at your finger tip

Packing & Unpacking

Our specialized movers use state-of-the-art resources for fine art moving, crating and rigging, delicate electronics, and more!

Load & Unloading

you rent your own rental truck or container, and we help with loading or unloading your belongings. This saves you the hassle of doing it yourself, while speeding up your move and saving you money.

top 3 benefits 99% our customer sees

Save Money

78% of our customers said they chose Marcelo’s Movers because of price

Move safe & Sound

99% of Marcelo’s Movers customers moved claim-free in 2016

Take control

No Hidden fees, and know the exact price as you move.


  • Save Money

    Using a Marcelo’s Movers will cost you money upfront. However, hiring the us as your movers might be a lot less expensive than doing everything by yourself. Consider the time you will have to put into the move, and how you could utilize it better. Since New Yorkers is always busy, you might run out of Time, and this will cost you extra. Plus, you won’t have access to a range of Specialized Tools that make moving easy. Our movers have all the tools and Experience available at their disposal. Moreover, when comparing us with other movers, you can rest assured you are getting the best deal.

  • Easier to Plan

    When planning your move, there are countless things that can go wrong. You will have to make lots of prior arrangements and somehow also juggle your everyday life as well.

    When partnering with us , you can just set the date and time, and they will do the rest. This allows you to plan your life around your move more efficiently and without any last-minute surprises.

  • Easier and Faster

    Have you moved a household before? It’s really hard to tell how much room each piece of furniture will take up in a truck. Most Movers end up doing multiple trips for a single household because they lack the experience to move large items without a problem.

    There is nothing worse than having to stop your move halfway to rest for the night, with half your stuff in your old house, and the rest in your new one. We at Marcelo’s Movers will make sure the move is done and over as quickly as possible.

  • Healthier for You

    Lifting and moving large furniture can be bad for your health. Dropped furniture can cause significant injury, including broken toes and ankles. Moreover, just moving heavy stuff around will tax your back and may cause muscle or bone injury due to stress.

    Getting help from friends and family may sound like a plan, but these are inexperienced people who too might get injured. Our professional movers deal with large items on a daily basis, so it is best to leave the heavy lifting to them.

  • A Trusted and Experienced Partner

    Finally, hiring a professional mover means getting the aid of a trusted and experienced partner. We will Wrap your furniture and label your boxes so nothing is lost, we will help you disassemble and assemble your furniture, and we will make sure your stuff remains intact during the move.

    Your mover will also give you tips on how to unpack and help you place every box in its matching room. There is nothing worse than having to dig through unlabeled boxes and shuffle them around after your move.

    In the end, hiring a moving company will make the moving experience easier for the whole family.

We Make It Simple

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Hear What our customers have to say!

Second time I’ve used them. Took great care of our stuff and got everything into our new place quickly. Even helped us put back together some of our furniture. I think they are great value and I’ll look to them again for my next move.

– William French

The service was 5 stars from beginning to end! They gave me the best price, accommodated my last minute move (at the end of the month, which is extra busy!), Steve in the office was lovely and made the process super smooth! The crew (Felipe, Victor and Candido) arrived on time, were very polite and super efficient, packed my furniture super well and everything arrived perfectly! Service was absolutely brilliant from beginning to end! Would definitely hire them again!!!

– Clarisse Rodrigues

From the first phone call to the completion of the move, I was met with professionalism, courtesy and efficiency. I loved my experience. The movers were quick and they came to me during a blizzard. They are hard working and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a hassle free move. Great job.

– Joyal McNeil